01. England was [conquered] by France in 1066 and ruled by French kings for 300 years thereafter.
02. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first men to [conquer] Mount Everest.
03. Emma fought to [conquer] her fear of flying so that she could take the plane to visit her grandparents in Salem.
04. Oliver has never quite succeeded in [conquering] his smoking addiction, though he has cut down quite a bit.
05. The Spanish came to South America to [conquer] the native people, and take all their gold.
06. The city of Jerusalem is the site of numerous [conquests] by different cultures and religions.
07. Throughout the centuries, the political structure of ancient China varied with cycles of civil war and [conquest].
08. The [conquest] of Poland by the Nazis during the Second World War led to the extermination of millions of innocent people.
09. Otto Weininger once said that genius is a [conquering] of chaos and mystery.
10. James Stephens once observed that curiosity will [conquer] fear even more than bravery will.
11. Julius Caesar was once quoted as saying, "I came, I saw, I [conquered]."
12. There is a Chinese proverb which states that the greatest [conqueror] is he who overcomes the enemy without a blow.
13. Gandhi once said that whenever you are confronted with an opponent, [conquer] him with love.
14. Aristotle once said, "I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who [conquers] his enemies, for the hardest victory is over self."
15. Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mount Everest said that it is not the mountain we [conquer], but ourselves.
16. He tried to [conquer] his fear of heights by trying bungy jumping and sky-diving.
17. Hernando Cortez [conquered] the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan in 1521, ending the Aztec Empire.
18. It took Alexander the Great 13 years to [conquer] an empire spanning from Greece to India.
19. Napoleon had [conquered] Italy by the time he was 26 years old.
20. The Mongol [conqueror] Timur the Lame played polo with the skulls of those he had killed in battle.
21. Korea has been [conquered] by outsiders many times during its 4000 years of history, but has always maintained its cultural identity.
22. By around 80 A.D., the Romans had [conquered] England.
23. The Muslim [conquests] of Syria, North Africa and Spain were completed by 719.

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